Monday, November 08, 2010

Why? Oh Why?

Why can I never find shoes like these when I am out and about shopping?

Above: Studded Clog Wedge by See By Chloe

And why do these clogs have to be so expensive? They need to be mine.



Charles said...

a valid question. Have you tried Marshall's Megashoe warehouse? They had a whole bunch of Sam Edelman clogs:

On clearance for $70-85 dollars which isn't too bsd for that trendy designer look.


WendyB said...

When you are looking for things they become determined to not be found. That's why I buy things when I'm not looking :-)

SnapandPrint said...

Charles, I shall have to check out the site. I am really tring to protect my bank account at the moment and going cheap for wardrobe basics...but I want a pair of clogs like the ones I blogged. Have for I will check into the site. Thanks!

Wendy, I am sure you are right! Though it always seems I find the perfect pair for my style of dressing and I haven't the cash for them :\

SnapandPrint said...


Well we don't have a Marshall's where I live at all. So that is out for places to look for shoes.

sushineko said...

Ooh, I dig those shoes!