Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold Weather Means Sweaters.

I awoke on Friday to the weather attempting to snow. Little snow flakes streaked toward the ground only to melt on impact. I heard on the news that they received a lot of snow at the local ski resort that day. The temperatures also are not getting out of the 30s (F) during the days. Yes, winter has arrived and very swiftly.

This has me pulling out warmer outfits and layering what clothing I own. I noticed I do not own many sweaters and have no idea why not since I am living in Washington state and am just a few hours drive away from the Canadian border. It is not like I am in a warm climate.

I think it may have partially to do with the fact I despise turtlenecks. Many years ago I had to wear turtleneck shirts/sweaters for a job in the winter time (the dress code was conservative) and always felt like the turtlenecks were choking me. I promptly gave them all to the Goodwill when I moved on from the job. I would never, willingly, wear a turtleneck and in the wintertime, a lot of the tighter fitting sweaters I see offered in the local stores are in that style.

Now, if I could find a sweater like this one:

Above: Cowl Neck Sweater by Alexander Wang

I would be extremely happy. I like the overlong sleeves and the colour. I think I would be able to deal with the cowl neck as it is less constricting than a turtleneck. The trick is finding a similar version of this sweater that I can afford. I am going to keep my eye open for that.

Despite the cold weather, I am heading out to take photos this afternoon downtown. I just hope that the model shows up like planned she she keeps getting the time wrong and asking me when she is suppose to be there! Cross your fingers that all goes well for the photo shoot. Every little bit of good vibes sent my way helps.


Charles said...

cold weather is such a downer that cute sweaters and boots seem like the only thing to help trek through :) xx

WendyB said...

I haven't done a big baggy sweater since the early '80s...I need to scour the stores for something more fitted. From looking online I feel like everything is cut huge!

SnapandPrint said...


Hugely baggy sweaters always look werid on me. I just don't like the the look of baggy on top and thin legs.

Most the tight fitting stuff is turtleneck and I hate the constricting feeling of turlenecks.

It is annoying to see most the good sweaters online/in stores are so bulky!

SnapandPrint said...


Scarves and gloves also help get me through the winter. I think I own way too many scarves and gloves. :)

lisa said...

Aren't cozy fitted crew neck sweaters supposed to be the newly revived 'it' trend this season, possibly paired with full 50s-style skirts like those from Prada or Louis Vuitton? I would've expected more of those to be available in stores.

SnapandPrint said...


Maybe in big cities but when you hit the smaller city/small town fashion offerings in isn't widespread. I live in a conservative area where the stores buy conservatively and where Walmart reigns with the most stores.

I am not finding any crewneck sweaters without Christmas motifs and I am not into 50's style skirts which is a good thing since they don't offer those here.

Everything offered is either dayglo 80s retreat or crafty show grandma.It make sit extremely difficult to find decent sweaters in local stores so I have been getting lower price dofferings form online.

J. said...

I'm such a fan of Alexander Wang ! I really love his vision and has great amount of creativity !