Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grey Corduroy Pants Love!

It has been many years since I have owned a pair of corduroy pants. The last pair I acquired were secondhand from a friend and though I loved their burgundy shade, they did no fit me quite right. I just had to let them go to someone they would fit better.

Now, as summer finally heats up, I am seeing Fall clothing creeping into online sites. Mixing with summer clothing in such temperature inappropriate ways. It gets me thinking about Fall and when I see a great pair of corduroy pants like there:

Above: Change of View Corduroy Pants by sass & bide

I cannot help but think about my lack of corduroy in my wardrobe. It makes me feel like I must find the perfect, snug fitting, flared, grey, corduroy pants for Fall.

Must. Hide. Credit. Card.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Revisiting ESPRIT.

I remember in the 7th grade always being admiring of a fellow student who sat next to me in Biology.  I would try and cast covert glances (so not to creep her out) at her because her sense of style was far better than my fellow classmates and I always loved it. She was so funky, in an 80s way, and never wore the same outfit twice. Yes, you read that last part right, she never wore the same outfit twice.

How was a 12/13 year old able to accomplish that? Her dad worked for ESPRIT I found out when she caught me sideways glancing at her one too many times during class. I finally, shyly, admitted I was admiring her clothes and loved the blue shirt she was wearing that day. She in turn filled me in on how her father worked for ESPRIT and how she was a bit embarrassed to own so many clothes because her family was by no means rich. Her father just brought home the clothing for her so she wore it. She seemed a bit embarrassed by it all but I always that it was a pretty cool deal.

ESPRIT was THE brand back in the early 1980s, at least for the 12-15 year old set. It was funky, fun, and well made. Every tween and young teen wanted at least one item of ESPRIT clothing in her wardrobe. It was a brand you begged and pleaded for from your parents. I managed to get an ESPRIT top from my mum that way and I wore it more often than not throughout my 7th grade year.

As all brands, ESPRIT faded from being the "IT" clothing brand and I had hardly thought out it since the 7th grade. At least until I saw an ad for the brand today in my inbox. I decided to wander to the ESPRIT site and see what the brand offered today.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Above: big border printed tunic by ESPRIT

ESPRIT seems to have grown into a brand that is much more mature and both trendy, as well as full of classic basics.

Above: cotton top by ESPRIT

Above: v-neck shirt by ESPRIT

The clothing is actually rather affordable (with some higher priced items thrown in as well) and could be used for work, or days off. It is also very grown up. I could easily add any of the basics offered or even go for one of their tunics.

Above: long-sleeve tunic by ESPRIT

Or even could see myself in a pair of their capris walking around Comic Con.

Above: fashion capris by ESPRIT

To think, I would not have even thought of ESPRIT as still being around if I had not seen that ad. I am glad I went and checked out their site to see they have changed with the times.

What brand do you have memories of being THE brand to wear in junior high/high school?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Longing For: 05/27/11

These YSL pumps are gorgeous!

Above: Tribtoo stitch-detailed leather pumps by Yves Saint Laurent

I am loving the stitch detailing!

I had never owned a pair of pumps until this past Dec. when I was gifted a pair for Christmas. I haven't gotten to wear them that much yet but when I got them it was snowing and the snow stayed on the ground extremely long this year. I am thinking I will wear them more this Fall.

I like the style of pumps but have issues with my little toe rubbing against the inside of the shoe. I got the correct size for me since the smaller size would be too small and the next size up were too large.

Anyone know who to remedy this "pumps rub little toe" problem?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photography Project Fun.

I pushed to finish up the editing of a past photo shoot tonight. Now, I can focus on finding models for the next few before I head of to San Diego Comic Con in mid-July.

Above: Maria as pirate by Me

Now to email the images to my friend Carlo so he can pick out which one he likes and wants to use for the project.

I am going to focus on scheduling new photo shoots and finding models for this project in the next few weeks. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burberry Prorsum Trousers Love!

I am staring at my closet often and realizing I own mainly jeans now. A few years ago you would not have found a pair of jeans in my entire wardrobe but I fell in love with flared jeans and now they take it over when it comes to pants. This means I have been trying to find pants that are not made of denim to add to my wardrobe and I am having little luck since it is hard to find pants that fit my tall, thin, woman hipped, frame just right.

I fear this will be an ongoing quest and I will have to just make do with jeans until I find a pair that suit me. I have been glancing online but everything I like just doesn't fit my style or my bank account.

For example, if I had the cash I would buy a pair of these:

Above: Wool tweed bootcut trousers by Burberry Prorsum

They are perfect for Fall and I am loving the colour of tweed. I am usually not a "orange" fan but the rust of these trousers is gorgeous to me. The only problem is I do not have that sort of money to spend on them, despite them being a good investment and well-made.

I also have a love for these trousers:

Above: Abstract floral jacquard boot cut trousers by Burberry Prorsum

Again, perfect style for me and a good investment but out of my price range. I guess I will just have to find cheaper trousers in similar style and hope that they fit me correctly.

Still, I can dream that I own these and am rocking them out in the real world.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer fashion finds I like.

In recent months I have stopped almost all my fashion buying due to lack of income to add to my wardrobe. Instead, I have been wearing what I own and using the make-up I own. I still look at new things that I could add to my wardrobe but seriously ask myself if I really "NEED IT" or just think I do. Most the time, I just think I do.

Tonight, I felt the urge to buy something hit my and decided to look at websites to see what is out there when it comes to fashion/season. Surprisingly, not much caught my eye. It seems a lot of things being offered look like expensive, wannabe, thrift store, fashion. Definitely not my style since it is more "Walmart thrift store find" as opposed to "YSL thrift store find" in looks. Rather disheartening to me since I love fashion.

I did find a few things I loved but do not have the money for at the moment.

Above: Printed silk-chiffon maxi dress by Etro

I love the print and the colours...and the nod to the 1970s that this dress has. It looks like it would be comfortable and would go well with a pair of platform sandals.

Above: Charlee Dress by Kain

When the days heat up during the summer, I like light coloured dresses like this one. They keep me cool while at the same time looking very stylish with a touch of sexy. I could dress it up with strappy heels or down with flipflops depending on the day and my mood.

Above: Eraclea reversible crochet-knit triangle bikini by Missoni

A new bikini is something I seriously do not need. I own two and one never worn since there is nowhere for me to swim where I live and I am not into laying out to try and tan. If I were to buy a swimsuit, I would buy one similar to this Missoni because I love the print and the colours would suit my colouring.

It was quite satisfying to just look at fashion tonight without buying it. Now, if I could just curb my book buying and movie buying...NAH!

Game Of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire

I have been wrapped up in reading George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. Yes, the books that Game of Thrones (the TV show) is based off of. I am enjoying them so much and am almost done with the third book in the series A Storm of Swords and cannot wait to start the next book A Feast of Crows.

I discovered the book series after reading in a magazine how it was being adapted by HBO into a television series. It fit in the genre that I love but am very careful about reading books in: historical fantasy. So many of the books in this genre are lame or boring...but not Martin's series.

Martin's writing is engaging and easy to read. You grow to really care about the characters and want to find out about new characters that are introduced as the series progresses. I know a lot of fans are now complaining he is spending too much time on "bit characters" instead of the originals to the series but I am enjoying finding out more about them and seeing how they get entwined in the storyline. I am loving the series and am curious to see it through to the end.

I have also been watching the TV series Game of Thrones and find it very well done.

Season one is almost complete and has it's finale this Sunday. So cool and exciting though I wish it were not ending the season quite yet!

I love how it is brave enough to cast actors that are well know (Hello Sean Bean!) as characters that get killed off! That takes a lot of balls since it is done but not all that often. I love how it has a medieval feel to it while being firmly planted in the world of fantasy with zombies and dragons...and magic. Perfect since it makes it feel like the story is based in realty or at least a world that could be real. And the way the show looks is perfect!

I highly recommend both the books and TV show to anyone who loves historical type fiction and doesn't mind a bit of fantasy mixed in with it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2Cellos does it better!

This is such an excellent version of this song!

Sorry Guns & Roses, 2Cellos does it better!

I did research on 2Cellos and found out they are releasing an album on July 19th.

I may just have to buy it because it has some interesting covers of songs on it...and I love their version of Welcome To The Jungle so much I downloaded it to my Itunes.

Great musical find and I thank my friend for introducing me to this muscial duo!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cute Kitty and Unique Purse.

I am checking back in at my blog after two weeks of house sitting and taking care of a new kitty.

Meet Matilda:

Matilda is 2 years old and was adopted from an animal shelter in Northern Idaho. Yes, my mum drove almost 2 hours to get her and then 2 hours back home. I went with my mum on the drive and helped keep Matilda company in the cat cage in the backseat on the way home.

Matilda is a sweet kitty and I had to watch her while my parents vacationed in southern California. Well, I had to watch her and my parent's 4 other animals (3 dogs and a cat). This means I had to keep Matilda separated in another room from the other animals yet not ignore her. A lot more involved than it sounds since each animal has so much you have to do with them and you add Matilda being separated to the mix and I am, basically, chained to the house while the parents are gone. Now my parents are home, Matilda is starting to be let out, supervised, to the rest of the house. She should be totally roaming free by Friday.

Anyway, that has made me M.I.A. to my blog for quite a while this month and not online a lot.

And now...something I saw and am quite taken with:

Above: brown patent leather 'Tulip' shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs

I am loving the green flower burst embellishment on this bag! Though I probably would buy this bag in the other colour combination offered because the colour palette would be easier to mix in with my wardrobe.

Above: ivory leather 'Tulip' shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs

Still, I am not a fan of the ivory colour as opposed to the brown version so lean toward the wilder colour palette of brown/green/tan. Both versions seem popular since the version I prefer has already sold out at

And with that, I am off to shift through photos and decide which ones will be edited from a recent photo shoot.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Quick Update.

Sorry I have been M.I.A. I have been editing a photo shoot, a new cat has been adopted/is adjusting to the household, and the wireless modem died on me in the past week. Now, I am still editing the photo shoot, the cat is still adjusting to life here, and a new modem was bought. I am still have slight connectivity problems with the modem off and on and that needs to be ironed out.

But, I am still alive and am not purposely neglecting my blog. Life is just making it difficult to post here at the moment. I hope to get back to posting again soon.