Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burberry Prorsum Trousers Love!

I am staring at my closet often and realizing I own mainly jeans now. A few years ago you would not have found a pair of jeans in my entire wardrobe but I fell in love with flared jeans and now they take it over when it comes to pants. This means I have been trying to find pants that are not made of denim to add to my wardrobe and I am having little luck since it is hard to find pants that fit my tall, thin, woman hipped, frame just right.

I fear this will be an ongoing quest and I will have to just make do with jeans until I find a pair that suit me. I have been glancing online but everything I like just doesn't fit my style or my bank account.

For example, if I had the cash I would buy a pair of these:

Above: Wool tweed bootcut trousers by Burberry Prorsum

They are perfect for Fall and I am loving the colour of tweed. I am usually not a "orange" fan but the rust of these trousers is gorgeous to me. The only problem is I do not have that sort of money to spend on them, despite them being a good investment and well-made.

I also have a love for these trousers:

Above: Abstract floral jacquard boot cut trousers by Burberry Prorsum

Again, perfect style for me and a good investment but out of my price range. I guess I will just have to find cheaper trousers in similar style and hope that they fit me correctly.

Still, I can dream that I own these and am rocking them out in the real world.

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