Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Revisiting ESPRIT.

I remember in the 7th grade always being admiring of a fellow student who sat next to me in Biology.  I would try and cast covert glances (so not to creep her out) at her because her sense of style was far better than my fellow classmates and I always loved it. She was so funky, in an 80s way, and never wore the same outfit twice. Yes, you read that last part right, she never wore the same outfit twice.

How was a 12/13 year old able to accomplish that? Her dad worked for ESPRIT I found out when she caught me sideways glancing at her one too many times during class. I finally, shyly, admitted I was admiring her clothes and loved the blue shirt she was wearing that day. She in turn filled me in on how her father worked for ESPRIT and how she was a bit embarrassed to own so many clothes because her family was by no means rich. Her father just brought home the clothing for her so she wore it. She seemed a bit embarrassed by it all but I always that it was a pretty cool deal.

ESPRIT was THE brand back in the early 1980s, at least for the 12-15 year old set. It was funky, fun, and well made. Every tween and young teen wanted at least one item of ESPRIT clothing in her wardrobe. It was a brand you begged and pleaded for from your parents. I managed to get an ESPRIT top from my mum that way and I wore it more often than not throughout my 7th grade year.

As all brands, ESPRIT faded from being the "IT" clothing brand and I had hardly thought out it since the 7th grade. At least until I saw an ad for the brand today in my inbox. I decided to wander to the ESPRIT site and see what the brand offered today.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Above: big border printed tunic by ESPRIT

ESPRIT seems to have grown into a brand that is much more mature and both trendy, as well as full of classic basics.

Above: cotton top by ESPRIT

Above: v-neck shirt by ESPRIT

The clothing is actually rather affordable (with some higher priced items thrown in as well) and could be used for work, or days off. It is also very grown up. I could easily add any of the basics offered or even go for one of their tunics.

Above: long-sleeve tunic by ESPRIT

Or even could see myself in a pair of their capris walking around Comic Con.

Above: fashion capris by ESPRIT

To think, I would not have even thought of ESPRIT as still being around if I had not seen that ad. I am glad I went and checked out their site to see they have changed with the times.

What brand do you have memories of being THE brand to wear in junior high/high school?

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