Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer fashion finds I like.

In recent months I have stopped almost all my fashion buying due to lack of income to add to my wardrobe. Instead, I have been wearing what I own and using the make-up I own. I still look at new things that I could add to my wardrobe but seriously ask myself if I really "NEED IT" or just think I do. Most the time, I just think I do.

Tonight, I felt the urge to buy something hit my and decided to look at websites to see what is out there when it comes to fashion/season. Surprisingly, not much caught my eye. It seems a lot of things being offered look like expensive, wannabe, thrift store, fashion. Definitely not my style since it is more "Walmart thrift store find" as opposed to "YSL thrift store find" in looks. Rather disheartening to me since I love fashion.

I did find a few things I loved but do not have the money for at the moment.

Above: Printed silk-chiffon maxi dress by Etro

I love the print and the colours...and the nod to the 1970s that this dress has. It looks like it would be comfortable and would go well with a pair of platform sandals.

Above: Charlee Dress by Kain

When the days heat up during the summer, I like light coloured dresses like this one. They keep me cool while at the same time looking very stylish with a touch of sexy. I could dress it up with strappy heels or down with flipflops depending on the day and my mood.

Above: Eraclea reversible crochet-knit triangle bikini by Missoni

A new bikini is something I seriously do not need. I own two and one never worn since there is nowhere for me to swim where I live and I am not into laying out to try and tan. If I were to buy a swimsuit, I would buy one similar to this Missoni because I love the print and the colours would suit my colouring.

It was quite satisfying to just look at fashion tonight without buying it. Now, if I could just curb my book buying and movie buying...NAH!

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