Monday, June 13, 2011

Cute Kitty and Unique Purse.

I am checking back in at my blog after two weeks of house sitting and taking care of a new kitty.

Meet Matilda:

Matilda is 2 years old and was adopted from an animal shelter in Northern Idaho. Yes, my mum drove almost 2 hours to get her and then 2 hours back home. I went with my mum on the drive and helped keep Matilda company in the cat cage in the backseat on the way home.

Matilda is a sweet kitty and I had to watch her while my parents vacationed in southern California. Well, I had to watch her and my parent's 4 other animals (3 dogs and a cat). This means I had to keep Matilda separated in another room from the other animals yet not ignore her. A lot more involved than it sounds since each animal has so much you have to do with them and you add Matilda being separated to the mix and I am, basically, chained to the house while the parents are gone. Now my parents are home, Matilda is starting to be let out, supervised, to the rest of the house. She should be totally roaming free by Friday.

Anyway, that has made me M.I.A. to my blog for quite a while this month and not online a lot.

And now...something I saw and am quite taken with:

Above: brown patent leather 'Tulip' shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs

I am loving the green flower burst embellishment on this bag! Though I probably would buy this bag in the other colour combination offered because the colour palette would be easier to mix in with my wardrobe.

Above: ivory leather 'Tulip' shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs

Still, I am not a fan of the ivory colour as opposed to the brown version so lean toward the wilder colour palette of brown/green/tan. Both versions seem popular since the version I prefer has already sold out at

And with that, I am off to shift through photos and decide which ones will be edited from a recent photo shoot.

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