Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Caved...

I am tired of fumbling around for cards (like the Metrocard in NYC) or change (here in Washington) in fingered gloves.

It causes an embarrassing amount of time wasted and taking off the gloves is a pain since most my gloves go quite far up my arms.

With the weather still giving us 20 (F) as a high and snow still in the forecast...I broke down and bought these armwarmers:

Above: Fair Isle Armwarmer at Urban Outfitters

Those armwarmers are on sale in exactly the colour I wanted. They only cost me $8.99 after tax and shipping since they are on sale for $2.99. I will be using them since they will go with my wool peacoat. I had to get them...and online sicne we do not have a Urban Outfitters store here.

No more fumbling for change though my fingers will be a bit cold I fear. Have to unbutton the jacket pockets and use them when I am waiting in the cold for too long.

Just had to share.

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