Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!!!

Since to day is my birthday I will indulge myself a little here and post some non-fashion related things!

Song/TV moment that makes me laugh at the moment:

Suga Lumps by The Flight of The Conchords

And my two favorite birthday songs:

Happy Birthday by Altered Images


Birthday by The Sugarcubes

Heading out to dinner with family to Rancho Chico, the best local Mexican restaurant. Same as the last 5 years.

No presents as of yet, no party planned at all.

Wish for future?

A party with a theme like this one surrounded by good friends, good music, and fun! You are never too old to have fun and have themed parties. I WILL have one in the future!

Happy Birthday To Me!

A year older, a bit wiser, and looking forward to spontaneous happenings this year.


asthmabunny said...

Happy birthday!

I hope all is well :)

SnapandPrint said...

Thank you!

it is going pretty good so far...hope it goes better. :0)

I am doing pretty good.

WendyB said...

Happy birthday! I raise an imaginary margarita in your direction.

SnapandPrint said...

Thank you Wendy!

Ima Ventriloquist said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

Hope your day was lovely! I wish you a year full of many wonderful new surprises and happy beginnings! :)