Monday, February 02, 2009

Keeping My Eyeballs Peeled.

I have been seeing some trends pop up for spring/summer and there are a few items from these trends I would love to add to my wardrobe.

What you may ask?

Well these sandals for one:

Above: Pascale heel by Pour La Victoire

I love the heel, the strappy-ness, and the braiding on these sandals.

Above: Side view.

And the best part? They are back zip!

Above: back view.

They remind me of some kick-ass sandals I saw the lovely blogger Gala Darling wearing in photos. I need a pair like them because the style just sticks with me and I know I have many outfits they would be perfect with.

I also noticed, when I was out shopping a few weeks ago, the abundance of slouch-style tops out for spring.

Tops like this one:

Above: Women's fitted essential slouch top (black) by Lamixx

I need to find one like this, or with longer sleeves, to add to my wardrobe. It would look great with bare shoulder or with tank top underneath.

This necklace:

Above: Majestic Gems Scarf Necklace by Cynthia Dugan Jewelry

Is so classic/antique looking! It looks like something that could have been worn thousands of years ago or something you would find in a Mexican street market. It's timeless.

Above: How the necklace is worn.

I love that it ties like a scarf instead of having a clasp closure. I am definitely keeping an eye out for a necklace like this one though I know I would most likely to find one, cheaply, in a place like Old Town, San Diego.

I also have been seeing a lot of tie-dye items of clothing. Now I really don't like tie-dye because usually it looks very hippy-drippy. It's a trend I am sad to see come back around but, i did find this lovely chemise:

Above: Violet tie-dye jersey chemise by Free People

That is so pretty it would be a crime to cover it up. I would probably wear it during hot days as a tunic over slim jeans. So, I will be keeping an eye out for similar when out shopping.

These are just a few of the new items out for spring/summer that I need to keep my eyeballs peeled for and add to my wardrobe.

I am a bit more picky this season because of the huge amounts of 80s/hippy 60s clothing that has been thrown up by designers for the consumers to buy. I am not feeling a lot of that stuff so being more selective in what I buy...especially with the economy like it is.

Still, I am able to fund some decent stuff out there that appeals to me.

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