Thursday, February 19, 2009

Excuse me, are you wearing a diaper under that romper?

I am recovering from a killer migraine headache that kept me up all night. *pulls sad face*

Now on with the fashion posting.

I am NOT liking the whole "romper/jumpsuit" comeback. They either look like you are wearing a shapeless sack, that you are chunky around the mid-section, or like you have a diaper on.

I mean un-body flattering can you get? It looks like your body is a huge lump with shapely arms and legs.

Somewhere in that jumpsuit there is a body...she is just hiding it in a hideous bolt of fabric.

Even if you find a fitted one, you risk looking a bit like a 3 year old that needs it's diaper changed.

I think I had the above jumper style when I was 4.

Even if the material is nice the romper/jumpsuit? Lumpy and shapeless:

What a waste of good fabric! Don't even get me started on the ankle elastic on the above one. can you say, "Sad, pathetic, and stupid"? I knew you could.

The buttons on this one:

Just draw attention to how fugly it is. Do you really want big ass, white, buttons to draw attention to your fugly romper?

Or you can look like you just are about to scoot under a car to do an oil change:

Though I doubt you would be exposing that much leg or wearing sandals when working on a least I would hope not.

Did I mention it can look like you are wearing a diaper, or at least should be?

Please, leave the romper/jumpsuit in the past where it belongs. I wore them as child and tried them out in the late 80s/early 90s and both times...looked shapeless and frumpy.

This is one trend I want to see die hard.


WendyB said...

Eek! I hope I didn't have a diaper look the other night. I mean, maybe I was wearing a diaper, but I don't want people to know.

SnapandPrint said...

Some peopel can carry off the look but a lot of them just end up looking sort of "frumpy".

Heck even the models in these photos have me thinking, "Sweetie, you look really thick around the midsection in that".

Rosossko Jones said...

And yet, the fact remains that any of these models would look freaking adorable as heck in a diaper!

SnapandPrint said...

/\ Comments like this always make me wonder about people.