Friday, April 20, 2012

So, I am gone for a few days and Blogger changes it's look and format. I decided to do a slight make-over to this blog and well and may change the look of it again in the near future. Yes, this is probably only a temporary look and if you blink you may see it change design again.

I am in the middle of editing photos at the moment. I am almost done with the edit which makes me extremely happy. I will be done well before the next photo shoot and that makes me feel less stressed.

Editing photos is part of what is keeping me from writing a proper blog post. The other part? I am feeling a bit out of sorts and isolated these days so I tend to withdraw form interacting when in that mood. I do not like to inflict people with my poor mood because that is never fun and friendly.

I will now go back to editing photos and I will leave you with a slightly murky (due to weather conditions) Spokane River photo.

Above: Spokane River with winter snow run-off. April 2012

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