Saturday, September 06, 2008

Flapper Feathered Headgear!

I could never pull off the look of these headpieces myself. I just am not a "feather headband" type gal. I do see the beauty in them and wanted to share.

Above: J'Adore Headband by Shopintuition

Above: Feather Headband in Dots by Shopintuition (comes in three feather types)

Above: Feathered Salon Clips in Brown by Shopintuition (comes in three feather patterns)

Not too big a fan of the above hair clip because it looks like a bug is in your hair...but I am sure other women will love it.

This one I LOVE:

Above: Flapper Headband in Royal by Shopintuition (two feather pattern choices)

I would go with the blue on if I was choosing one for myself. I like the wasthe feathers lay on the headband and the colour just pops out at you!

All the above are rather inexpensive (prices range from $45 to $12 for the hair clip) as well if you head over to

So if you are feeling 1920s and want to get your flapper on. Head on over there and indulge!

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WendyB said...

The blue is my favorite too.