Sunday, September 07, 2008

Toast! It's Not Just For Breakfast!

Cheesy headline for an entry I know. I just have to talk about Toast, my newest fashion site discovery.

I found Toast through another blog many months ago...I thought, "I will sign up for the catalogue even though they are UK based so not even affordable to me". I got the catalogue yesterday and was drooling over the clothing offered.

First I drooled over the photos like this one:

And this one:

And then I started seeing items of clothing that I loved as I browsed the pages!

These lace-up wellies are gorgeous:

Above: Lace-up wellies by toast.

I usually hate rainboots/wellies but these, with the red laces, I would wear.Then there were this skirt:

Above: lissa skirt by toast

I love the pattern and the colours in the skirt. It would look great under a body-hugging sweater/tunic or a long sleeved jacket.

Look at it in a photo:

And I saw this bracelet:

Above: hexagonal bangle by toast

I love the deep brown resin and the style...though I worry the stretchy elastic will wear out over the years.

This tunic:

Above: fedosia tunic by toast

Has great buttons in the back and I love the button-closure pockets in front as well. It would look great with a long-sleeve black shirt underneath, black pants/leggings, and knee-high boots.

This wrap shirt:

Above: kristina wrap by toast

Looks great on a living, breathing human being:

And then there are these boots:

Above: chelsea boots by toast

Which remind me so much of "Monkey Boots" of my youth are great!.

Toast is similar to J. Crew when it comes to clothing...only a lot more European in styling of the clothes.

Toast's catalogue is a lot more "bookish" and sturdy in design than a lot of the catalogues I received from US companies and the photos....

Are just gorgeous to look at.

If you are in Europe/UK, have the cash do check out the site or just wnat to request a catalog to drool from afar. Feel free to do so!

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I like the look in the first photo.