Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Winking At The 70s/Late 60s.

I am loving the 70s/late 60s clothing and accessories that have come out this season. I cannot believe the beauty of the retro the halter dresses I posted yesterday.

What caught my eye today you ask?

Above: Faithful Hat by Eugenia Kim

It is a beautiful hat and very retro. It looks like something Marianne Faithful would wear around the time she was dating Mick Jagger.

It would go perfect with these boots:

Above: Patchwork long boot by Yves Saint Laurent

These boots are so retro in the patchwork design. I love the wacky heels and soles on them as well.

And then I found these pants:

Above: Grace Flare Pant by Nightcap Clothing

They are a nice update of the flare pant and I love the bronze colour. They come in black as well but I am not as impressed by the black colour.

And this ring is almost time warped out of the 70's:

Above: Oval Antique Ring by Urban Outfitters

I love the purple stone but it also comes in turquoise and black stone. It has a "mood ring" look to it without being a mood ring.

These shoes:

Above: Loreli Peep Toe in Metallic Multi by Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent

Could have easily been found in my hip next-door neighbor lady's closet during the 70s. Pretty, multi-colour, and metallic!

Above: Rollins cashmere cape by Jamison

You cannot get much more late 60s and 70s than a button front cape or poncho. The whole outfit in the above photo is very retro and is so cool.

The same neighbor lady that would own the metallic shoes would have had this in her closet as well:

Above: Magdalina Coat by For Joesph

Mid-thigh length coats in leather and suede were the thing in the 70s...paired with flared jeans, a floppy hat, big sunglasses, and a pair of clogs or wedges.

Maybe even a pair of clogs like these:Above: Swing72 Heels in Teal by Bamboo

And finally...the best for last:

Above: black metallic dotted silk keyhole halter dress by Tibi

Want to go out to the disco? This dress is for you! It is dressy, shiny, retro, and very classy. And check out the back!

Grrrrrrr! Gorgeous!

Ahh I need to make some decent money so I can purge my wardrobe of clothes I no longer wear and add some newer styles to it. Including some of the seventies looking clothing and accessories I have been eyeing and loving!

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