Friday, September 12, 2008

Retro Halter Maxi Dresses!

Maybe I have been watching way too much Swingtown or maybe it is just there is a lot of retro 70s inspired clothing out this season.

Either way, I am loving the retro clothing that is available because it looks great and makes me nostalgic for my childhood in San Diego, California.

The many BBQ gatherings, the pool parties, the beach parties, the CB meet-ups, the disco/classic rock music, the rockin' babysitter with her Farrah hairdo and bell bottoms, and all.

So when I came across these halter maxi dresses at

Above: Color-block Braided Rope Halter Maxi Dress in Red by Ajax

Above: Multi-Colored Halter Maxi Dress in Purple by Eila

Above: Color-block Halter Maxi Dress in Gray by Tress

I just had this urge to throw on some wooden jewelry like this bracelet:

Above: Dark Brown Bohemian Beaded Bracelet by Cutesygirl

And some nice flip-flops or strappy sandals/wedges and a cocktail ring to rock a pool party complete with BBQ, mixed drinks. and disco/classic rock music.

Ahhh...what bliss that would be!

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