Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lariat Style Necklace On The Way!

I am so excited!

I have long wanted a lariat style necklace but have found them either too price-y or too cheap looking when I did stumble across them in my store and online site wanderings. It had me a bit bummed because I loved the style and wanted one for my own.

I got the latest catalog in the mail and stumbled across this lariat necklace:

Above: Hoku Lariat Necklace at

I pondered buying it for exactly 1/2 hour..while looking at my "10% off order" code on the back of the catalog. Then I quickly booted up the computer and bought it. Yes, the quickest purchase I have ever made since I loved the materials: suede/feathers/metal, colour, and the price was right.

I got the email that the package is on the way to me and I am actually excited and planning outfits featuring the necklace.

I think this will be a purchase I will not be regretting. :)

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