Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring fashion catches my eye.

I admit it, I am pretty broke at the moment so am having to make do with what I own and add very inexpensive things to my wardrobe this spring. This, of course, does not stop me from seeing things I would love to own when I wander fashion sites online.

Here are some of the most recent fashion items that I have seen and wished I had the money to buy.

Above: San Diego Pink & Tan Woody Platform Heels by Jeffrey Campbell

Wood platform heels, great colour combo, gorgeous style, and the name of the heel is my hometown! Definitely a pair of shoes I would love to wear.

Above: Crowning Glory Necklace at Modcloth. com

It is long and chunky in style which I really love. Perfect for little black dresses like the one pictured or with a long dress for a more 70s look.

And now for two long dresses that need to be in my closet.

Above: Pleated silk maxi halter dress by The Row

I have a confession to make: The only white article of clothing I own is a white v-neck tee shirt. I don't even own white underwear or socks.

That is why this dress it so appealing to me. It looks light and airy...juts perfect for a hot summer night/day. I should keep an eye out for something less expensive and similar in style on my wanderings around town.

Above: Printed silk-habotai maxi dress by Edun

I am in love with olive green. It is my favorite colour in fact and this dress is that shade. I love the print and the cut of the dress. It would look good with platform heels, wedges, or even flip flops. So easy to dress this maxi dress up (for a night out) or down (so a more casual day look). I am loving it.

And two skirts that caught my eye:

Above: Ruched stretch-linen skirt by A.L.C.

The ruching of the skirt really appeals to me. It is also in a neutral colour that would go with so much that hangs in my closet already. The skirt is also at a length I love...just above the knee. This skirt would fit into my wardrobe with absolutely no problem.

Above: Embellished printed silk georgette skirt by Edun

I love the colours in the pattern of the skirt, the style, and the shine! This skirt, as you can see in the photo, would be perfect with a simple white shirt and strappy sandals. I would wear it with my one v-neck, white, tee  as a casual/dressy outfit to head out for the evening in. This skirt would get a lot of use from me.

Above: Go Fish Ring at

The fish ring is simple and cool. It has a bit of an ancient look to it and I am more attracted to the gold tone version than the silver. This fish ring would feel right at home in my jewelry box.

Above: Nail Necklace by Cheap Monday

I love the "oil on water" colour that the necklace has. So modern and funky. I also love the style which would definitely dress-up and funk up an outfit.

And finally,

Above: Ringed Plover Kimono Wrap by Odylyne

It looks comfy while being one of those tops you can wear casual (with jeans) or dress up (bold rings and an eye-catching necklace). I am loving it!

I am sure I will run across lots of spring fashion that catches my eye and will sigh because of not being able to buy it. At least I have this blog to share my finds with others and maybe they will be able to buy what catches their eye in my posts.

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