Saturday, April 09, 2011

Talking About My Inspirations: April 2011

I have been looking through so many fashion magazines recently to pass the time and always seem to be drawn to the same clothing/shoes/accessories in the same adverts. I thought I would make a post showing what catches my eye in the "Inspiration" post so to speak.

So take a look at what makes me go "I want that" and ponder adding similar to my personal style.

The orange colour, deep v-neck with the ruffle edge, and the!

I could see myself wearing this outfit. Casual and pulled together. It always catches my eye in the J Brand advert no matter what magazine I am reading.

Love these sandals with the whole lace up the front look.

The sandals and the purse are gorgeous.

This entire outfit makes me want to own it. And I see the advertisement in Elle Magazine every month.

Wow....the black, the earrings, the purse.

I seem to be drawn to extreme v-neck tops/jackets. The amber necklace is gorgeous as well!

Love the colour blocking on these shoes.

Love the fringe on these suede pants and the metallic beading.

Again with the extreme v-neck. I have to get daring some day and give it a try.

These lace-up sandals in this The Limited advert are gorgeous.

Love the look of this MaxMara suit and the whole styling of the outfit.

This ring I have long been eyeing. It is Boucheron and I am so into two finger rings right now.

This The Limited coat needs to be in my closet...and on my body.

So day-glo and so pretty. I am not usually a fan of orange but a lot of orange clothing is catching my eye this season.

This whole outfit in the Tod's advert is gorgeous.

Perfect sunglasses for summer.

My love of grey/taupe rears it's head in this outfit.

I just love there shoes...the peep-toe and the heels on these shoes.

These are the items that have been popping out at me from the pages of W, Elle, Lucky, and Vogue  magazines for the past month or two.

Fashion magazines are one of my favorite time-wasters. I love the glossy pages, the interesting outfit ideas they have in photos, and the beautiful advertisements. I think I will always get the print version of magazines because there is something so satisfying about the smell, flossy look, and the feel of the pages. Something that is lost when viewed online or on an Ipad/eReader.

I look forward to magazines showing up in my mailbox each month and my hours spent reading them...and marking things in them to check out online. It is one of my "simple pleasures" that I would be sad to give up.

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Eeshie said...

I love the trench coat!! I would totally wear that.

Peas out. :P