Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyday style reflection.

I am one of those women who really is casual in my dress when it comes to the everyday. Maybe it is because I am a Californian by birth since everyone dresses very nice but casual down there. They may be wearing jeans and a t-shirt but they are not sloppy, worn-out, ill-fitting, jeans or t-shirt. I have always been the same way. I always make sure it is clean and not too threadbare if I am going to wear something out and about.

I was flipping through a fashion magazine and found a good example of my everyday wear when the days are warm:

Above: Everyday wear for me.

Jeans, tank top, and peep-toe wedge heels. I substitute a v-neck tee for the tank top most days (and sometimes wear flip-flops instead of wedge heels) but the rest is about right. Casual, comfortable, yet not sloppy or "rolled out of bed and threw whatever on" looking.

It is really cool to see one's sense of style reflected in a magazine. Many times I see what I want to dress like or what clothes I would not dress in. It is rare to see my daily style sense reflected in a magazine. When it happens, it always makes me smile.

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