Monday, April 25, 2011

A Shot From Saturday.

I wandered downtown in Spokane on Saturday to check out the Earth Day Celebration events. It was a beautiful day with sun and warm temperatures. The turn-out was good since it was held on Main St. which was closed to traffic. I had a pleasant afternoon but was not inspired to take any photos. Well, at least not until I was taken with one of the buildings.

I loved the fire escape being on the front of the building. It just captured my eye and inspired me to take this photo. BTW, that is a resident of the building there on the first floor of the fire escape. He was eating and enjoying the sun while watching the crowds below.

It is now raining and I am hoping that it will not pour down rain on Wednesday because I have a photo shoot scheduled. So, everyone cross your fingers for me that all is well and rain holds off for Wednesday.

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