Sunday, April 10, 2011

In 20 to 25 years...

I have long wondered what I would do as I age. Would I still embrace fashion? Would I want to dress up? How would I dress? How would I portray who I was using clothing when I go older?

I have already gone through my Goth/punk stage years ago in the late 80s and early 1990s. That was the time where I wore crazy outfits, colours, and make-up. I guess I have almost entirely working it out of my system to be that "standing out" in fashion. I still have my moments where I dip back into that fashion period in my life but I don't dress that way anymore in my day to day. It just doesn't feel right for me anymore.

So, I wondered, as an artist, how I could keep my fashion sense and still not look "dressing way too young" when I am over 50 or in my 60s.

Then I saw this woman in O Magazine:

She is an artist, over 50, and looks so stylish! I love here two-tone grey/brunette hair (I can only hope my hair looks like that when it goes toward total grey!), the jeans, the red sandals. the jacket, and just the whole way she has pulled her outfit together. I am down with that...except for the silly flower on her jacket which I would instantly get rid of since that sort of thing makes me put on the "Ick!" face.

She looks modern and in style while not looking like she is reaching too hard for her youth. She is what I would like to be as I get older. It gives me hope that I can still be into fashion and dress well as I get older without looking like I am trying too hard to appear young.

She is an inspiration.

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