Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Spotlighted and Saturday Planning.

I actually got featured on a local blog to help out my search for models for my photo project!

Check that out here:

I wish they would have warned me because the first response I got was rather negative and left me wondering where the person heard of my project and how they got my email address. I was alerted to the post by a positive response email that mentioned it. So, a slight heads up would have been cool and cleared up the "WTF??" moment email origin.

So, now I have my first photo shoot for the project on Wednesday and am scrambling to get other photo shoots set up. Hopefully all will work out for me.

Tomorrow I am heading downtown to see what the Earth Day activities are that have been pimped out on Twitter and in The Inlander. I will have camera in hand so photos will be taken.

I get to wear my new necklace tomorrow! I mentioned it here and received it last week in the mail.

Above: My new necklace found at Alloy

So, the necklace will be around my neck tomorrow as I wander Earth Day and take photos. The weather is forecast to be nice and I am in the mood to get out of the house for a day.

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