Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Want These: 08.18.10

I could not pass up looking at clothing sites tonight and have to say, I really want the following items.

Above: Cashmere and wool-blend dress by Marc Jacobs

Which I would probably wear with boots like these:

Above: Satin wedged boots by Bottega Veneta

And I a loving this off-white coat:

Above: Violet belted coat in off-white by Soia & Kyo

It may get dirty easy due to the colour but the cut and the body-hugging style of it just appeals to me.

I can see myself wearing these boots because they go great with my winter coat and a majority of my wardrobe:

Above: Ballard grey laced up and buckled boots by Wanted

And this necklace is a beautiful, layered, bold, mess:

Above: Natural seed bead necklace by Cynthia Dugan Jewelry

And this sweater would look great when layered:

Above: Wide rib wrap top by Alexander Wang

I am starting to look forward to Fall now but will be sad when summer ends since I enjoy the warm weather. I just am starting to want to pull out the fall wardrobe coats, tights, scarfs, and all but first, I want to enjoy the last, lazy, days of summer.

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WendyB said...

I want Bottega boots but gold ones!