Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Inner Shoes Girl Loves Inexpensive Shoes.

I have been looking at shoes a lot lately because I have a very vocal, inner, shoe girl who insists I must look at shoes and consider buying them. She has expensive tastes but occasionally is thrilled to find cool, interesting, unique shoes that are less expensive. When that happens she tells me I must share them so that is what I am doing in this post.

Above: Dany Light Tan T-Strap Platform Heels by Jessica Simpson

I am loving the style of these platforms and have been considering getting a pair but have not found them online until now. I love the light tan but love them even more...

Above: Dany Grey Stamped Snake T-Strap Platform Heels by Jessica Simpson

In the grey, snake stamped, version They look more my style and would fit better into my wardrobe. They are the same price ($98) as the light tan version.

Above: Eastney 18 Black Nubuck Bow Toe Platform Heels by Qupid

I am loving platform sandals right now which is amusing since it is snowy outside. I am guessing my inner shoe girl is looking forward to spring. She loves these sandals because they are slightly retro and the bow embellishment on the toe is appealing. She also loved that the shoes are $32 which is quite affordable.

Above: Eastney 02 Khaki Criss-Cross Strappy Platform Heels by Qupid

I love strappy heels and these totally fit that bill. The khaki colour is perfect and the criss-cross ensures me that my feet will be well strapped in. These sandals are also $32 and would be great for when the weather starts to warm up this spring.

Above: Demi Black and Cheetah Double Platform Pumps by Privileged

I am totally loving the heels of these pumps. The two tier platform style is so modern! I love that the heel of these shoes are what is cheetah print so the print does not overwhelm the shoe. It seems I am not the only person who's eye was caught by these pumps since they are currently sold out at It is not surprise if you add the fact that they were $35 to the coolness of the style. Maybe they will get them back in?

Above: Driven 43 Gold Glitzy Glitter Strappy Platform Wedges by Bamboo

The gold, glitter, wedges give a nod to the 1970s and Disco. They look like fun shoes for going out or wearing to a party. Definitely not too over-the-top in their gold sparkle which makes them very versatile. You can snap them up for $33 and wear them anywhere you like.

All these shoe finds were at which is a fun site to find less expensive fashion with an indie feel to it. It is one of my favorite surfing grounds when online.

And now I head off to write a Christmas card or two while listening to:


Anonymous said...

i've been eying the simpson shoes for a bit but just think the platform is too high for me plus I'm kind of more of a wedge girl when it comes to sandals :)
I like the criss cross quipid ones a lot those, those are snazzy.

SnapandPrint said...


Something always holds me back from buying the Simpson ones...maybe my worry they will be heavy on the feet since I have never seen them in person. If I could hold them in my hand and feel the would be very helpful in deciding.

The criss cross ones are great!Love that style.