Thursday, December 09, 2010

12/8/10- I am loving...

Shoes I love the style of:

Above: Suedette Buckled Wedges at Forever 21

Yes, they are not expensive or real suede but I probably would not wear them all that often so that wouldn't matter. Of course, the fact I wouldn't wear them often makes them "admire from afar" and not "buy me now!" material. I still love how they look.

And something I do need:

Above: Dazzling Doxin Jewelry Stand at Forever 21  

I have a huge love for large rings and they are over-flowing the small tray on top of my dresser. I would love something like this (or the cute elephant one that sold out in one day at Forever 21) to hold my rings. I really must invest in one and get my jewelry more organized.

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