Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Budget Friendly Lip Glosses!

I buy make-up that fits within my budget and tend to try new products out when I wander Walgreen's. Still, despite the many tubes of lip gloss I have tried there are 3 different kinds that are my "go to" glosses.

The first is Avon's Glazewear:

Above: Glazewear Lip Gloss by Avon

My mum is an Avon representative and she gave me my first tube of Glazewear lip gloss many years ago to try. I loved it! The gloss is long wearing, not too sticky, doesn't dry out your lips, and if you put it over lipstick, it extends the wear of the lipstick. This lip gloss is my "go to" lip gloss and isn't horribly expensive at $6.00 a tube. They have many shades which add a sheer tint to you lips and are always adding new colours, as well as limited time colours, to the line. If you haven't given this gloss a try, do check it out.

The second is Lipicious Lip Gloss at Bath and Body Works:

Above: Lipicious Lip Gloss in Frozen Daiquiri

Lipicious lip glosses come in many flavors...yes, they are flavored as well as long lasting! My favorite is the Frozen Daiquiri that I have pictured here. Some of the glosses are matte and others have a bit of sparkle to them. All are long lasting, taste great, and are great to use over lipsticks as well as alone.

Unlike the Glazewear, Lipicious does not really add colour to your lips so much as add a glossy shine though the matte colour versions add a tiny bit of colour. They are not horribly sticky though your hair may stick to your lips with this product. The gloss is long-lasting ( as is the flavor), it does not dry out your lips, and is only $7.00 a tube.

The third, and last, favorite lip gloss is mark Juice Gems by Avon:

Above: mark Juice Gems by Avon

Juice gems has a thicker formula so it really makes your lips feel glossy. It is non-drying to your lips, long-lasting, and produces a nice shine since all colours have added sparkle. It is lightly tinted so is fun to put on alone or over lipstick to give lipstick the added shine. Juice gems comes in many flavors, my favorite being Juicy Honeydew, so there is a flavor to appeal to everyone. It is $6.50 a tube and the tube is a little bit larger than most I have come across.

All these glosses are the ones I keep in heavy rotation and are affordable yet not so cheap that they do not last long on the lips. If you haven't given them a try, I highly recommend each one.

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