Saturday, December 11, 2010

Product review: blinc mascara

I received a tube of blinc mascara in the mail after being surprised with a shipping notice in my inbox that said it was shipped to me without cost. My only guess is that I won it in a contest of some sort to be receiving it free of cost. Winning things is always fun so a thumbs up for that.

Above: blinc mascara at

The Pros:

- It comes in a really cool metal container that you screw the top off of and can store the mascara tube in.
- It goes on smoothly without clumping.
- It really makes my already long eyelashes seem longer.
- It doesn't make my lashes overly stiff which is something I dislike in a mascara.
- Did not run in the rain or when my eyes watered.
- It washes off easier than the packaging would have you believe. You just rock your lashes while you wash them with water/cleanser/soap and the "tubes" of mascara encasing you lashes come right off.

The Cons:

- It takes forever to dry...I could feel my lashes sticking top to lower when I blinked as it took the minute to dry.
- It made my long lashes look spiked but did not give them volume. I have long lashes to begin with but they need a bit of "plumping" to make them impressive.
- If you have a boo-boo when putting the mascara on, it is hard to get it off you skin/eyelid unless you remove it immediately with cotton swab.

The mascara is made for contact wearers but people who buy it should be aware that your eyes will sting a tiny bit when you remove it due to the way the mascara has to be taken off.

Overall, it was a nice mascara but I would not purchase it on my own due to the "non-volumizing" factor. I need that to make my lashes look full and impressive. This mascara just doesn't do that and that factor is very important to me.

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