Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kate Bosworth: I admire her style sense.

I was happy to receive Lucky Magazine in the mail this afternoon. It gave me inspiration as I spent my afternoon reading it. I love how it tells you the price and where to find everything it has within it's pages.

Kate Bosworth was on Lucky Magazine's cover for January.

Above: Kate Bosworth

I have always found Bosworth very pretty and she has an interesting, of the moment, casual, sense of style that I also enjoy. She seems to know what colours look good on her which I really admire.

I am not so interested in who she dates (Yes, I know she dated Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgård, so what?), that she isn't an A-list actress, that some people deem her "too skinny" at times, or even that she doesn't appear super-intelligent to some people. I am more interested in her style and admire her for that.

I also really like her two-toned eyes:

How cool would it be two have two different colour eyes? It looks stunning on her.

Her fashion choices are always interesting to me:

And sometimes, she does a bit of a fashion misfire like any woman would:

Above: A bit "nightie" is it not? Definitely a miss in fashion but a bold choice.

But, I really enjoy her look and have since I saw her in Blue Crush many years ago.

Bosworth has teamed up with her friend Cher Coulter to launch JewelMint, a website that offers affordable jewelry for your casual, every day, life. It sounds interesting to me and I may have to check it out. Yes, I am a sucker for checking out sites when people's who have styles I admire are involved.

Bosworth looks stunning in Lucky Magazine and that is what prompted me to write about her. I think she is just gorgeous.


WendyB said...

I actually loved that red Oscar night dress!

SnapandPrint said...


I wasn't a huge fan of the dress itself but was a huge fan of Bosworth making the choice in wearing it.

I love when people take fashion risks...sometimes you horribly misfire and sometimes you seem to be wearing a nightie...but you are not boring for sure. :)