Thursday, December 23, 2010

Perfect birthday present for me.

I have been dreaming of San Diego, California a lot these past few weeks. I was born there and try to get back there once a year. It is where my heart is a lot of the time and while I would love to live in Seattle because I like the landscape, rain, and mood of the west side of Washington heart will always hold a very special place for San Diego.

I came across this necklace yesterday and instantly had to send it to family members as a birthday present idea for me.

Above: I love california reminder necklace with gold dipped california by Dogeared Jewels

It is simple and a fun way to show my love for the state I was born in.

Above: Close-up of necklace.

I am sure that no matter where I live or end up in life, I will always be a California girl at heart.

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