Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting orgainized in the new year.

Last year, I bought myself a daily planner because I am one of those people that can fall into periods of procrastination which halts my productivity. I figured a daily planner, set up in a style that suited me, would help me out in conquering this tendency in myself to "put off until later" things I should do.

It worked.

While using a daily planner did not conquer the tendency entirely, it did make it a lot less often that I fall into procrastination. It helped that the daily planner I bought, broke up days into list form which really appeals to me. I have always been a list maker since a very young age, be it lists of bands I liked, lists of movies I wanted to see, or lists of books I wanted to read. I also have the tendency to revisit the lists I make and cross or check off the items I do, see, read. So a list form of daily planner is perfect for me. I can just write down what I need to do and then go back and check off what I have completed that day.

Moleskines has the best daily planners for my style. I have ordered and received one to use in 2011 and am excited to start filling it up with plans and things to do.

I wanted something more compact than last year's planner so chose this one:

Above: Moleskine 2011 Pocket Daily Planner

I love the style which is clean and reminds me of sketchbooks. I love the set up of the days which allows me to make my lists of things to do.

Above: My badly lit photo of the pages.

I also love the place to put the temperature of the day and weather type at the bottom of the page. That also is very appealing to me.

So, I am set with my new daily planner and really cannot wait to start using it. Bring on 2011!

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