Monday, December 13, 2010

Found: Jeffrey Campbell Loafer Heels!

If you remember, I found some real drool-worthy, loafer-style, shoes by Fendi while surfing the clothing sites a while back. They were gorgeous but expensive.

Well, tonight I was at Modcloth looking at what was offered in their "new arrivals" section and I came across these loafer heels:

Above: Bookshelf Browsing Heel by Jeffrey Campbell at Modcloth

Yes, that is right, Jeffrey Campbell designed the shoe and they are not as price-y at $131.95. They are a very versatile colour and have a softly, padded, inner sole for comfort in walking. So, anyone looking for less expensive, yet well-made loafer heels may want to snap these up.

Me, I am going to continue browsing the offerings out there to see what else I can find since I still love the Fendis a lot more.

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