Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back From Seattle!

I am back from Seattle...have been for two days...and yet I do not post.

I guess it is a mixture of aching back (damn tension and stress) and feeling a bit "let-down" having to come back home. I feel so much less "alien" in a big city. Time to start working on those moving plans.

I did a huge shopping spree and got a few items to add to my wardrobe. I acquired a long, black scarf and a pair of medium grey tights from the huge GAP store in downtown Seattle. Didn't find dark grey so fear I will have to order dark grey tights online. Got a kick-ass Space Needle tee at, well, the Space Needle.

Then I blew $20 on Japanese stationary at the $1.50 Japanese store Daiso. I will be using that to write friends around the world for years to come!

I also hit up Sephora, a store I love and that is not where I live now. Yes, I live in a city without a Sephora! How awful is that?!?! There I bought Opi nailpolish in Social Climber and "G" perfume by harajuku girls.

I went light on the shopping though the things I did buy had a few more expensive purchases. Why?

Because on coming home I bought this coat online:

Above: Kelsey Belted Peacoat in Heather Grey by Delias.

It was shipped today and I hope it is large enough (I ordered a medium) since I am thin but tall. I always have issues with the sleeve being too short on things so cross your fingers for me that it fits!

Anyways, I should be blogging away again like normal soon. Keep your eyes on this space. :)


WendyB said...

Argh, my back has been KILLING me too!

SnapandPrint said...

I thought it was from wearing heels too much but it just seems to tense up in the late afternoons.

It is easing up so that is a huge plus!