Thursday, October 09, 2008

Got Them!

I was in Macys today while on a futile attempt to find new glasses liked at the local mall. No luck in the glasses department but I did get these:

Or at least a variation on those trouser jeans. Mine have buttons on the belt loops and on the front flap...and not on the pockets.

They fit well, are comfortable, and I will be buying this brand, See Thru Soul, again now I know what size I take in them.

I wish I had found the glasses I have wanted but they are impossible to find in Spokane.

They are these:

Above: Donna Karan Eyewear Model: 1531 Colour: 3072

These frames are featured in this commercial:

A commercial that has made me want the frames so badly...because they are stylish, classy, and funky.

Unfortunately, Spokane is not the least bit "up to date" or they are not anywhere I have been yet.

I have also been appalled at the mark-up price of frames...heck, a simple Donna Karen pair that go for $130 online are $298 in the glasses stores here in Spokane! Just the frames before you get your prescription in them! It's disgusting!

Anyway, I will continue my search for these frames and hope I do not have to go online to get them because I always have issues with my prescription needing to be tweaked because I am so near-sighted.

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