Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Want To Know What You're Thinking....Tell Me What's On Your Mind!

I never thought I would say it but, these shoes:

Above: Anne Michelle Motox02 Ankle Boots

Are quite interesting and cool.

They remind me of my goth/punk days and for some odd reason of the show, "Club Mtv". A dance show on Mtv that tried to capture the NYC club scene of 1987-1992 for Mtv viewers.

The bright colours and black of these boots just seem like late 80s, early 90s clubgear.

The song that comes runs through my head while I look at these boots?

What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)- Information Society

They look like they could be worn by the female member of the band and because of this...I have a soft spot in my heart for these boots.

And they are only $39.99 at which makes them a fun buy for not a lot of money.


WendyB said...

It's a Balenciaga knockoff, right?

SnapandPrint said...

Balenciaga's was a bit more "shoe" is style...this is boot.

So I am thinking it is an extension of the Balenciaga idea. And a cheaper one at that.

the iron chic said...

Ex goth, eh?
I can relate. These boots are a spectacle...I wrote about the shoe version a while back.
I can't wear spectacle footwear in my old age.

SnapandPrint said...

Yeah I probably would not wea them because they may make me look a bit silly since I am in my 30s now and not a young, punky, kid anymore.

When a woman gets to eb a certain age she has to be a bit careful not to try and dress too "young" or else she can look like she is trying to hard not to grow up.

I would have so wanted these boots when I was 19 in the height of my Gothdom. Where were they then?