Friday, October 10, 2008

When Sales Clerks Misfire.

For the second time in a week I have been, possibly unintentionally, insulted by the sales clerks at stores trying to get me to buy things.

Yesterday, I was in Macys at the mall. I was looking at "G" in the Harajuku Lovers perfume section and made a comment about the tacky bottles that were a bit too "teenaged" but how I loved the scent so would just not flash the bottle around if I got it. I like tropical, fruity, perfumes and it fits the bill. Instantly, this misguided sales clerk (pushing 50 in age) tries to get me interested in a "more grown-up, fruity, scents". The quickly starts passing me smells of perfume on testers and they all smell like "old lady" perfume. She kept stating that they were "more adult"....yeah grandma age "more adult".

She seemed to fail to grasp the concept that I may be in my 30s but I am not one foot in the grave. Keep saying, "But they have fruity notes to them." Yeah maybe but the HEAVY floral/musky scents totally drown out the "grapefruit" or "apple" tones in the perfumes she had me smelling. I expect this sort of thing (the "aging up" of things they try to sell you in stores here) since in Spokane, people start dressing like soccer moms at the age of 28. I walked away from the woman with a dismissive, "All those perfumes smell like old lady"and the younger perfume sales clerks giggled.

The other time this happened this week, I was in Nordstrom downtown and the 40 something sales clerk tried to sell the tackiest, flannel, long-sleeved, MOOSE design covered, shirt and said "This would look great on you." Truthfully, it looked like something a crafter would wear while making a craft project like candle-wax covered pinecones. I gave that sales clerk an "ARE YOU INSANE???!!!" look and said firmly, "That is NOT my style. I have better taste." She looked confused, then backed off, and made herself very busy rearranging the clothing on the nearby rack.

Really, if the locals are taking styling/scent advice from these clerks once they are over wonder everyone looks frumpy and smell of strong, old lady, scent here.

I cannot wait to move to a big city where even older ladies dress with style and taste.


Joy said...

I love "tropical fruity perfumes" too! All the Escada scents (i.e. Island Kiss, Pacific Paradise) are awesome!

SnapandPrint said...

I like them when they are light and airy smelling...not heavy with musk tones. Why I had problems with the oens that the sales clerk was having em smell...they wer all heavy on the musk or flower smells.

I do like some floral perfumes like Marc Jacobs Daisy but find myself always going back to fruity perfumes with tropical notes to them.