Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I went out shopping on Sunday and hit the GAP when they had a great sale going on. I bought a lot of "foundation" clothing items including the lovely "deep V t-shirt" I have been seeing everywhere!
It's similar to this:

Above: Unisex Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck by American Apparel

I also got another deep-v tee at Macy's that was grey with a black "band" along the v-neck. I love it because it is SUPER soft!

I bought a grey cardigan at the GAP as well:

Above: Belted boyfriend cardigan by Gap

Which I think will go great with the deep-v tees.

I bought an under-layer, black, long-sleeved, shirt to wear under shirts and tees in the colder months.

I could not hold back from buying a really great purse and a pair of brown suede shoes either.

Now I just need a pair of wide-legged, wide hemmed, trouser jeans. Something that is proving to be hard to find here in Spokane.

Something like this:

Above: Sailor Nouveau Jean by See Thru Soul

It seems they put this style on sale at every store and they sold out in days. Just my luck. I shall have to keep looking.

I am hoping once I get moved to a larger won't be so damn hard to find what I am looking for since there will be more stores offering the clothing I seek.

It can be tricky ordering off online unless you have tried it on in the store or know how the brand fits you...and even then you may be off on size when ordering. It's such a huge headache to return things you order from online if you get the size wrong.

So, that was my shopping spree of the Sunday. I think I spent about $150 on everything. I had a bit of extra money and my "foundation" clothes in my wardrobe are starting to get small holes in them. It was money well spent.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, sounds like you bought some excellent pieces! Hurrah! :D

SnapandPrint said...

Yes it is alwatys great to hit the GAP during a can get great foundation pieces there...tees, long sleeve tees, socks, cardis, ect...for low prices.