Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Photography on summer days.

I admit it. I have been very quiet and not blogging often these days. I have just not felt like writing about life much and been busy with photo shoots. I want to get back to blogging but am unsure when I will be doing any blogging at a more frequent rate.

I will share a great image form a recent photo shoot with you since I am sure any one reading this blog post is curious about my photo shoots.

Above: Rita 2012 by Brie A. Edwards

I was really happy how this image turned out and wanted to share.

I am in the middle of editing two other photo shoots and will be sharing images from them once I am done with the edit. Then I need to get my camera looked at since it is throwing a black spot into the images I capture with it. It needs a professional cleaning and I hope that will clear up the issue.

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