Tuesday, March 02, 2010

So Many Shoes, What's A Girl To Do?

I am on a quest for the perfect pair of shoes to replace my black clogs that are beat-up beyond belief. I had bought the clogs way back in 2005 and they are now so beat up that I need to replace them. Heck, most my cool shoes are starting to look worn so I need to replace them.

The problem, so many shoes are catching my eye at the moment which makes it hard for this shoe girl to decide.

Should I go the clog route and buy a style like this:

Above: GS1 Clog Wedge in Black by Jeffrey Campbell

They are really cool looking and I love the clog style. They would replace my clogs nicely and would be more stable than the ones I own since mine are heeled and these are wedge.

Or should I go peep-toe boots in grey:

Above: Mainst Peeptoe Booties in Grey by Steve Madden

I love the snake-skin embellishment in the heels and the buckles. The grey colour has a touch of purple to the shade that makes the booties darker which I like. They are heeled and may not fit right at the ankles (I am not into gappy shoes that make legs look spindly) so, that makes me go..hmmm.

Or I can go all mirrored mules:

Above: Black Xmas Mule with Platform by Jeffrey Campbell

The mirrored insert to these mules is gorgeous and the style modern. I am loving them though they may rock forward when I walk because of the shape of the wedge heel.

Or I can go with the nude colour that is so popular now:

Above: Georgie High Heel Booties in Nude by Modern Vintage Shoes

I love the style of these booties, minus the back zipper. I am not sure why designers are making shoes that would be great with a buckle closure zip up because zippers break. The colour is very "now" but, will I still like them next year? That is the question.

I suppose I will hold off on deciding until after I come back form my trip to Seattle this coming weekend. I may see some shoes that catch my eye there instead of ordering shoes online. We shall see what I find there and if I still need to decide on new shoes when I return home from my trip. There are just so many great shoe choices out there right now, it makes it hard to decide.


WendyB said...

The mirrored shoes are the most striking.

Mark Lim said...

I actually love the Georgie High Heel Booties. I think they're the classiest out of the 3 and probably the most expensive. Hope you find what you're looking for, Brie :)


SnapandPrint said...

Wendy, I am thinking the mirrored effect is just a bit too flashy for everyday wear since I want something, well, somewhat practical.

Mark, I am avoiding the ones you mentioned due to price and colour. They are just a style I have in mind if I can find a cheaper version.

Ash said...

I love the peep toed shoes!