Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Warm Weather...Where Are You?

I have been thinking about warm weather ever since I got back from Seattle. Seattle ruined my love of scarves and warm coats by being in the 50s (F), and sunny, while I was there this past weekend. A rare thing since Seattle is known for it's rain. So, when I was wandering websites today I found myself attracted to clothing and accessories that just seem "warm weather of spring" to me.

Above: Yellow Floral Print Link Detail Halter Top by Versace

The yellow floral print has slight abstraction to it in style and I am loving that. It just would be great for warm days and just seems so spring-like.

Above: Bosa Nova Tote by Francesca's Collections.

I love the brown straw with the colourful fabric shot through the weave of this tote. It just reminds me of spring and walking around outdoor markets in search of fresh produce and flowers.

Above: Rancher Sunhat by Bop Basics

I would love to have this hat to sit out in the sun in...even if it is very "country western" and I am not. It just seems a lot like spring to me and I love the slightly "lived in" look it has.

Above: Cinderella Blouse by Francesca's Collections

I love the tan colour of the blouse, how it hangs on the model, and the slight floral print on it. It's girlie but, not over the top in it's girlie-ness.

Yes, I am really looking forward to spring weather now and being able to wear less layers. Winter is fun with all it's warm clothing but, spring is due right when I am getting bored with coats and scarves.


WendyB said...

It's been so springy here....really enjoying it.

SnapandPrint said...

Seattle was very spring-like while I was there. Now it has gone cold again but, should warm up by the weekend here.