Monday, March 15, 2010

03.15.10: Trying Out...

Sometimes it is quite nice to have a mum who sells Avon. I get to try out new things before they are offered to the general public and she tends to have me try them out so that she can recommend them to her customers.

This week I got two Mark items and love them both.

The first is a tube of Juice Gems:

Above: Mark Juice Gems by Avon

The Juice Gems are a really sheer gloss with flavor to it. I had previously bought the papaya flavored and was wearing it over a light pink lipstick because the product is great to making lipstick last with a touch of shine. My mom bought me the honeydew flavor which is both very sheer and I enjoy the flavor even more than the papaya. I am definitely liking this product and do recommend it because it is similar to Philosophy flavored lipshine but, less expensive at $6.50 a tube.

The other product is:

Above: Mark Vintage Bloom Ring by Avon

I got it in the seaform colour (blue/green) and it is really pretty on the hand. It has a little bit of heft to it but, is not overly heavy. I think it will look great with a lot of the taupe, beige, light grey, and white clothing in my spring wardrobe. I almost chose the nude colour but, I wanted a bit of colour to add a bit of pop to my outfits. The ring is pretty affordable as well at $14.00 which is great price.

I know I promised to talk about what I bought in Seattle and those posts are coming as I start to wear the clothing and use the beauty products I purchased while there. They are just geared more toward warm weather and we have been a bit too cold since I have returned home. Overcast and rain is not good weather for lightweight, spring, clothing. So, be watching for me to start talking about my purchases in the near future, weather pending.


Melanie M said...

That ring is TO DIE FOR. My aunt works for Avon & now I totally want one. Cute blog, darlin'! :)


SnapandPrint said...

Rush out and get it! It looks greta on the hand and is comfortable to wear. I also got a few compliments on it when I wore it out and about.