Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heading To Lunch With A Friend.

Yes, I am meeting up with a friend and we are having lunch later today. I am looking forward to girl talk and being downtown. I have been feeling a bit cooped up here at home since getting back from Seattle and need to start venturing out more now that the weather is warming up.

I am hoping to check out second-hand/thrift stores while downtown and maybe check out a boutique or two as well. I haven't been thrifting in ages and it will be fun to see what I can find amongst the poorly made, Walmart, clothing that turns up at local thrift stores. There has to be a few clothing diamonds mixed in with all that rough , "coal", clothing.

I am wishing I had someone who wanted to see the Spokane Symphony Orchestra this Saturday because there is a great event I would LOVE to see. I have one of Gautier Capuçon's cds (Hayn Cello Concertos) and would love to see him perform with the Spokane Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately, I get the "yuk face" from everyone I mention it to.  Or they try to claim it's too expensive when the priciest seat is $48 so, that excuse does not fly.

Really, I wish I knew someone who loved cultural activities like this because it is a huge bummer to go on my own. Nothing is more awkward and boring than going to a conert by yourself and having no one to talk to or share the experience with. I also have the perfect outfit to wear if I go! *sigh*

And to play out this post some Hayn:


Rachael said...

You’ve really put me in the mood for going around some charity stores now after reading this. I love “thrifting” (seriously I’m loving that term!) too, it’s great looking through things that have a bit of history. As much as I love the world of fashion and beauty I do love a bit of old mixed in.

Re the concert, you know, I say go. I know it’s not the same on your own but seriously, you can’t miss out on stuff you like because of that, plus you’re going to be in a room full of people who share your interest, looking and feeling fabulous in your perfect outfit so maybe you’ll meet someone who you can share future events with??

Aka @rachaelblogs

SnapandPrint said...


I am glad I inspired you to go "thrifting". I have been wanting to do this myself and just am tired of waiting for someone to go with. I swear...the place I am currently living has people who would rather be bored than get out and have fun.

I hate going to concerts by msyelf because I am the poor soul that always gets sat between the lovey-dovey couples (One on either side constantly smooching and wrapped up in one another) and never meets anyone new because of it. It has happened to me every time I go to a concert on my own. :|

I really should just go...I am tired of being at home bored and missing out because no one shares my interests.