Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birds of Paradise.

I was wandering the Internet tonight looking to see if anything new was out there on the clothing sites that populate the netverse. Things are a bit slow in the fashion world these days, or so it seems to me since not a lot is catching my eye. It makes me glad that I am busy with photoshoots to take up my time or else I would be helplessly bored.

I did see a bag that just made me pause and check the price tag on it to see if I afford it.

Above: Birds of Paradise Bag at

I am loving how the colourful embroidery on the bag is really set off by the ivory hued cotton bag. It is just the kind of bag that is perfect for summer and begs to be worn with sandals and either cut-off jean shorts or flared jeans.

Now that I have noticed it, I am sure the bag will sell out really fast at Modcloth since most the things that catch my eye there, usually sell out in 24 hours. So if you want one, jump to it and order it because it will be gone very soon.

Later this afternoon, I have a photoshoot and am really looking forward to it. The day is to be sunny and warm so it is just perfect for taking photos. Here's to hoping that it goes well for me and I end up with many beautiful images!

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