Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photoshoot planning and pretty things.

I am still working on setting up photoshoots to add new images to my portfolio. No money coming in from these recent shoots but it gives me more images to use as examples of my work. It also keeps me busy which is something I love. I enjoy being creative and taking photos of people. It just makes me so happy and feels like I am actually working toward something instead of watching life pass me by. It is a nice feeling.

I did finally order the hat I fell in love with on Sunday. I decided it was one item that needed to be added to my wardrobe so I am doing just that. It is in the process of being shipped to me. I cannot wait until it arrives.

I also found two fashion items online that really caught my eye and made me take notice of them.

These booties:

Above: Shantel Open Toe Platform Booties in Beige by Pelle Moda

I am just loving how sleek and well made they look though I am unsure of the Velcro closure at the back on the ankle strap.

Above: Back view

Velcro closures just get so messy with wear and are so pre-school in my mind. I understand the designer though that it would make the bootie look sleeker to not have a buckle closure, or zip up the back. I just think Velcro is, well, nasty and doesn't hold up well over time.

Still, I like the look of the booties despite the Velcro closure.

I also spotted these rings:

Above: Slinky Ring at

The silvertone version has a lovely "gunmetal" shade to the metal. I love the concept of te ring being all one piece but looking like many rings on the same finger. The ring is actually affordable as well at $14.00. Definitely a ring to keep in mind in case I get a little extra money to spend. I have so many rings that I am not in dire need of this one.

So, off I head to wander the Internet a little bit more and plot my photoshoots. I will be sharing a few shots from future shoots here so keep an eye out for them.

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