Thursday, May 06, 2010

Still In The Midst Of Photoshoots.

I am still hugely busy with photoshoots and editing the photos that they produce. It is leaving me busy and distracted so I haven't really been ooohing and ahhhing over any fashion these past few weeks. I have two more photoshoots in the works, and am hoping that they pan out. Then I should be back to writing about fashion again.

Until then, enjoy this photo from the last shoot I did this past Friday (April 30th):

Above: Lexi, April 2010

And back to editing photos I go.

See more photos from this photoshoot CLICK HERE .


WendyB said...

Flashback to the '80s! Nice.

SnapandPrint said...

There are still a lot of younger people here in Spokane that dress like this. The model dresses like this everyday.

The shoot was really fun. :)