Friday, July 01, 2011

Rings Rings Rings.

I am a lover of bold rings. I have mentioned this many times before and it seems the love is still going strong. My eyes are always drawn to rings that well, draw the eye to them.

Rings that seemed to scream at me, "Mine, My Preciouuuuusssssssss!" recently?

Above: Egyptian Ring by Belle Noel

It looks like something right out of a museum. So simple in style yet eye-catching.

Above: Oval Chrysophase Ring by Alex Bittar

The colour of the stone goes well with the textured gold plating.

Above: Fusion Ring by Kora

I love the striping of the natural horn used in the making of this ring.

Above: Arrow Shield Ring by Fortune Favors The Brave

The silver is so shiny and I love the woven look that is inspired by Native American art.

Above: Moonstone Ring by Low Lux X Erin Wasson

The ring looks like it could adorn the finger of medieval royalty.

Above: Orchid Ring (Rose Gold) by Obey

The contrast of the rose gold and the turquoise stone really appeals to me. It is unique to me due to that.

Above: Fabulous Coralesque Ring by Avon

I love how the faux coral stones and the brass play off one another.

Above: Color Cluster Ring by mark

I have the perfect summer top that would go well with this ring.

So many rings to want to clutch, get all Gollum about, and slip on my finger.

My Preciouuuuussssssssssss!

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