Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caught Within Frame and Creativity.

The Caught Within Frame blog project continues to grow and grow. I am happy with this and hope it continues to move into new areas of content. It will start to do this when I introduce the "Artist Spotlight" this coming weekend with the first guest post that will feature the art of a friend of mine who paints. I am hoping it will be the first "Artist Spotlight" of many.


I am the next poster after the guest artist so am trying to think of what to take photos of for my post. I have a little time to think about it and hope that something will come to mind soon.

Personally, my photography and art have been at a stand-still due to too hot weather, visiting family friends, and just trying to get some life things done. I am hoping to dive back into being creative starting this coming Saturday. I am going to attempt to make a Spokane Sketchers meet-up in Manito Park. I need to have that kind of structured yet loose setting to start focusing on my art again.

I also have been thinking of painting again and am merely awaiting cooler weather to do so. It is just too hot in the house since it does not have air-conditioning to really dive into painting in a room. I would have to have the door almost closed to the room I paint in to keep the cats out. That would up the "too hot" factor right now. So, I will start mapping out a painting and then get painting in Sept. sometime most likely.

Yes, summer has been a mixture of being busy and not. I am not complaining at all and hope that the Fall will be full of activities as well.


Anonymous said...

Hello I would like to know more about the framed print you bought at an antique sale, with the picture of a man. Do you know who he is, or who made it ?

SnapandPrint said...

It is a book illustration plate that was cut out of a book and framed. It was of a general. Not sure of his name because it was long ago that I looked him up with an image search.