Thursday, November 07, 2013

Jundt Gallery and Sketch Group.

Saturday the 2nd of November, I headed to the Jundt Art Museum in Spokane, Washington to meet-up with the Spokane Sketchers. I am again attempting to try and get out once a month to meet up with them to get back into sketching/drawing. I fell out of meeting up with the group over the summer due to projects and visitors form out of country. Now, I am ready to get back into meeting up to sketch again.

Currently, there is a showing of art by Leslie W. LePere so the sketching group wandered around to look at it before settling into the couches in the gallery area. I took some horrifically bad cell phone photos of the artwork which I will share here. Lucky readers that you are!

LePere seems obsessed with hiding images of male penis' in his work and seems to enjoy drawing roosters, sheep, cows, dogs, and birds. I got to smirk at people noticing the "cock" imagery after staring at his work for a long time. I give LePere a thumbs up for how well he puts it in the artwork so it is usually totally obvious.

After looking at the LePere work I noticed the wonderful Rodin statue that is in the Jundt collection.

The last time I saw a Rodin statue was in the MET in NYC. It was a pleasant surprise to see a Rodin in Spokane. It makes me wonder what else the Jundt has in it's collection since it rotates art from vaults to showing and back. I also love the blown glass, huge, light fixture by Chihuly in the large gallery.

Simply gorgeous.

 I settled down to sketch while listening to my Ipod. It seems a bit anti-social since we are sketching in a group setting but it helped me focus to listen to music. I am happy with my sketch and you can see it here:

Overall, a Saturday well-spent and I look forward to having more sketch meet-ups to write about in the future.

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