Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Caught Within Frame looking for guest photographers/artists!

My blog, Caught Within Frame is taking a short break this week but will be back with a new post this weekend.
Currently we are looking for guest photographers/artists from all over the world who want to be featured in Caught Within Frame’s Photographer/Artist Spotlight." Hobbyists, semi-professionals, and professionals can apply to be spotlighted. 
Have something new you are trying creatively and want to share it? Have photos that don't quite fit into your website but you love and want to share? This is the blog for you!
Your work can be watermarked/signed and you can provide links to your other work and places you sell your work at online. 
To inquire, send an email to:  caughtwithinframe @ gmail . com. I can then fill you in on the details of becoming a Spotlight poster.
I really hope you will take the chance to share your work with others.
Caught Within Frame blog: http://caughtwithinframe.wordpress.com/

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