Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post In Which I Love On Peep-Toe/Sci Fi Boots.

I know, a lot of you detest peep-toe booties. You claim boots are not suppose to show off your toes and it makes them "useless" as boots. You hate and spit venom in their general direction. Fine and dandy.

Me? I LOVE them.

They have that sci-fi, "the world has come to an end and I am a survivor", I will kick your ass with my ninja moves, lock and load your gun, look to them. Like something out of Road Warrior, Blade Runner, or Resident Evil , worlds in celluloid where a woman makes do with what she has whilst battling off mental, evil,  people or zombies trying to kill her.

I love the clothing looks from films because the costume designers can get creative and when that happens, it catches my eye.

How can a girl into edgy shoes not love these?

Above: Sandra Open Toe Wedge Booties by Pour la Victoire

The weathered-looking brown leather, the strap criss cross, the side zip, the open toe and heel, and the wedge all make me smile at the booties. I would wear them in a heartbeat because they are unique looking and look sturdy for walking in.

Or these, How can you hate these?

Above: Plenty 01 Chestnut Peep Toe Belt Wrapped Bootie by Anne Michelle

They have a heel and a wrapped buckle. That is all I need to make me seriously want them. The colour is perfect as well. Heck they are even affordable at $38.50!

I will also be the first line for these beauties:

Above: Black Cinch Tall Boots by Jeffrey Campbell

They are not peep-toe but, scream sci fi/martial arts/vampire movie a la Underworld. Yes please!

So hate the look to these boots all you want. I will be the small, but growing, group of people who embrace these styles and stick my tongue out at you all.

I just be over there...drooling.


WendyB said...

I got peep-toe booties a couple of years ago and people always admire them! What's not to like?

SnapandPrint said...


I totally agree with you but, I posted about them a few months back on a fahsion website and the overwhelming, venom spitting, hate for the concept was shocking. LOTS of women hate the idea of peep-toe boots.

Octoposse said...

I absolutely love those Jeffrey Campbell numbers.

SnapandPrint said...

I agree..I keep picturing Kate Beckingsale in them in Underworld or a movie like that.

Campbell has gorgeous boots.